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M. HenriGeorges Polgar is a 1968 Charter-Trustee of the Panamerican-Panafrican Association and currently serves as the Foundation`s Executive Director and the Pa/Pa`s International Trade Consultants Group VP for Market Research and Development.
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M. HenriGeorges Polgar performing at the Lincoln University Homecoming and Rededication Day
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During his early years with the Foundation, M. Polgar was the protégé and piano student of the Pa/Pa`s Chairman, Dr. Robert Starling Pritchard and in 1972, accompanied Dr. Pritchard as a member of the Pritchard Concert Ensemble (PCE) during his concert tour of Africa. The Pritchard Concert Ensemble gave a Command Performance before Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda and toured major towns and cities in Zambia. One of the focal points of the PCE tour was the momentous meeting between Dr. Pritchard and African liberation leaders during their countries` fight for independence.
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In 1987, M. Polgar also accompanied Dr. Pritchard during his tour of China and the Pacific Rim countries The tour of China culminated in a Sino-US Sports and Cultural Exchange Agreement with the Shanghai, China Culture and Sports Commission and with All-China Sports Federation in Xinjiang Province.
During Black History Month, M. Polgar appeared with Dr. Pritchard before US College and University audiences in solo performances as well as in the performance of the two-hands one-piano “Eulogy and Elegy for Clyde Kennard” which was composed by Dr. Pritchard in honour of one of the victims of the civil rights movement.
In 1988, M. Polgar appeared in the Black History Month Founder`s Concert at “Applecrest” featuring pianist Robert Starling Pritchard, Soprano Afrika Hayes, Tenor Joseph Gilmore and poetry readings by famed Civil Rights Attorney and Poet, William Kunstler. M. Polgar was a recipient of Lincoln University President`s Award during the 1988 Homecoming and Rededication Day Concert at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania (the nation`s oldest institution of higher education for African and African-American students).
HenriGeorges Polgar receiving an award by Lincoln University President, Niara Sudarkasa during the 1988 Homecoming and Rededication Day Concert, which was organized by Dr. Pritchard.
As VP for Market Research and Development, M. Polgar has conducted market research to identify and secure available sources of such commodities as Urea, DAP, Grade "A" and "B" Sugar, Rice, Poultry, Wheat, Oil, Gold and Diamonds on behalf of Buyers in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.
In September 1996, M. Polgar worked with Dr. Pritchard on the organization and implementation  (in conjunction with a Russian Federation Joint Stock Ownership Company), of the International Trade Conference at the West Point US Military Academy's Thayer Hotel, to promote trade between the Russian Federation and import-export companies throughout the world.
Other International Trade Conferences to which M. Polgar contributed in their implementation were the November 2000 International Trade Conference in Haiti; the 1991"Global Linkages: Investment and Development in Lesotho" Conference at the Sheraton-Carlton Hotel, Washington, D.C. to facilitate American engineering and suppliers participation in the $9.2 billion World Bank-financed Lesotho Highlands Water Development Project and the 1982 Central New York Overseas Conference on International Trade, held in Syracuse New York promoting dialogue between Upstate New York business, banking and industrial sectors, representatives of Foreign Trade Missions in the U.S. and members of the diplomatic community from Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.
As Pa/Pa NGO Representatives to the United Nations ECOSOC, M. and Mme. Polgar collaborated with members of the Onondaga Indian Nation in Central New York to bring to public attention the dire circumstances of life on the Nation and the murder of a prominent and outspoken critic of the Nation leadership (Mr. Ronald Jones). They attended the UN Indigenous People's Day; gave their support to a complaint presented to the UN Commission on Human Rights, and assisted in publishing a newspaper, “The Onondaga Progressive,” as a voice for those on the Nation whose human rights have been violated.
Lisa McFarren-Polgar
Lisa McFarren-Polgar, originally from La Paz, Bolivia, is the Panamerican-Panafrican Association`s Associate Director and the Pa/Pa ITCG`s VP for Administration.
Mrs. Polgar is a specialist in public affairs and has contributed to many of the press releases and articles, re: the activities of the Pa/Pa. Initially as a student intern at the Foundation Headquarters in 1973, she later became the Associate Director and contributed to the organization of the many events related to the Black History Month Observance, as well as coordinating various Black History Month appearances by the Founder of the Observance, Dr. Robert Starling Pritchard.
Over the many years that she has been associated with the Pa/Pa, she participated in the organization and preparation of promotional materials for such as events as:
1. The 1991"Global Linkages: Investment and Development in Lesotho" Conference at the Sheraton-Carlton Hotel, Washington, D.C. to facilitate American engineering and suppliers participation in the $9.2 billion World Bank-financed Lesotho Highlands Water Development Project. The conference was co-hosted with the Pa/Pa; the Embassy of Lesotho to the U.S. and the Lesotho National Development Corporation.
2. The 1990 Foundation-sponsored art-exhibit of South African Sculptor Dumile Feni at the Foundation Applecrest Headquarters as well as during a subsequent exhibit in Oakland, CA in honour of Nelson Mandela`s historic visit to the United States
3. The American debut of the Royal Ethiopian Philharmonic Orchestra in concert at DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C.
4. The marketing of a new coffee blend from Canada in the area of product marketing, advertising, exhibiting and sampling.
In 1995, she assisted Dr. Pritchard in the preparation of the proposal concept and World Bank funding introductions to a Bolivian sugar refinery to meet their development and expansion goals.
In addition, Mrs. Polgar worked on the production staff of the Impartial Citizen Newspaper, which Dr. Pritchard revived in 1980 in honour of the first publisher of the newspaper, Samuel Ringgold Ward, who published the newspaper during the American abolitionist period  in the 1800s.
Lisa McFarren-Polgar attends meeting with Mrs. Winnie Mandela during her visit to the United States. During the meeting, Dr. Pritchard discussed the challenges facing the new South Africa following her husband's (Nelson Mandela's) election to the presidency.
Mrs. Polgar has been the recipient of the Martin Luther King Award from the Black History Month Regional Commission in Topeka, Kansas and a certificate of appreciation from the Black History Month Committee of the Tracey Towers community in New York City.
Mrs. Polgar is the webmaster of the Pa/Pa`s website (papausa.org).
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