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The NITIGE GROUP (New International Trade Imperatives for a Global Economy) and the ITCG (International Trade Consultant`s Group) were established under the leadership of Dr. Robert Starling Pritchard and a distinguished international and American "inclusive" group of advocates for the expansion of equitable economic relations between the world`s great market economy nations and the emerging new market LDC`s in the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Middle East
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At its inception, the NITIGE Group and the Pa/Pa`s ITCG concentrated on market research, new global economic public advocacy and international trade conferences expounding "mutuality of benefit" in equitable economic exchange relationships between developed and emerging market economy societies.
Today, the Pa/Pa`s ITCG`s services are avidly sought by international traders in both LDCs and developed countries. An ubiquitous array of Buyers and Seller who have benefited from the consultants services of the ITCG view their unique experiences as those which have contributed to their expanded awareness of business opportunities with entrepreneurs in LDCs and the concomitant potential for significant profits from import/export ventures, investment and limitless joint venture and other developmental projects.
Less than a year after the 1968 founding of the Panamerican Association, Inc. in New York City by Dr. Robert Starling Pritchard (USA) and Dr. Francisco Curt Lange (Uruguay, SA), and the establishment in Washington, D.C. of its successor organization, the Panamerican-Panafrican Association, Inc. embarked on a program of innovative international trade conferences often in association with parastatal official bodies and private sector major business organizations. Those early and unique Panamerican-Panafrican Association economic exchange encounters were enthusiastically referenced by many of their international and American "inclusive" conference delegates as a first experience at an international trade conference organized in a manner to promote actual commodities negotiations on the conference floor.
The following is an excerpted quote from Dr. Pritchard`s prepared statement in support of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) which appeared in the published record of the Congressional Hearings before the Subcommittee on Trade of the U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives (103rd Congress) September, 1993. This excerpt reveals both the pragmatic and social conscious views of its author who is known to proudly state that he shares the responsible views of those who hold that there is no inherent conflict in the emerging New Global Economic Order Free Market Realities and the ideal of socially responsible  conduct in international trade and domestic business.
In a speech from which the following quote was taken, Dr. Pritchard introduces the quote with:
"The dynamics-of-life of the body economique can in one fundamental regard be compared to the dynamics-of-life of the human body as well as that of the collective society.
Should illness constrict the free and equitable flow of blood to all human body parts, limbs and extremities, the unnourished areas will sooner than later atrophy. Eventually corruption and disease will claim the entire body, and the body will die.
As blood is to the human body, and its equitable distribution necessary to the health of the entire body, so is the equitable distribution of the wealth of a nation necessary to the health and quality of the life of its peoples."
The NITIGE Group and the Pa/Pa`s ITCG hold that the greatest challenge of the emerging New Global Economic Order can be found in the potential of wealth through enterprise to equitably address the subsistence needs of humankind, whilst providing equitable opportunity for private accumulation of wealth according to the abilities of achievers inspired with the spirit of the interdependence of nations and humankind.
The NITIGE Group holds that these new economic problem sensitivities are sine qua non requirements for the guarantee of equity of access to the New Global Economic Order for all trading representatives of the world`s diverse peoples.
The following brief chronology of the accomplishments of The Panamerican-Panafrican Association has been set forth to provide both Buyers and Sellers of LDC and major market economy businesses with an understanding of the holistic economic, political and cultural sensitivities which are inherent in THE NITIGE GROUP'S successful approaches to Buyer-Seller negotiations in the new global economic environment.
R.S. Pritchard serves as advisor to Liberian President William Tubman on cultural and economic development.
R.S. Pritchard serves as advisor to the President of Haiti on cultural and economic development.
R.S. Pritchard organizes Liberian iron ore sales to the Netherlands and Sweden and initiates the establishment of the first Liberian Old Age Pension Fund.
R.S. Pritchard participates in the establishment of the Lagos, Nigeria Stock Exchange.
R.S. Pritchard serves as consultant to the Ministers of the Federation du Mali (subsequently, the independent countries of Mali and Senegal) to develop cultural programs for economic development and the tourist industry in the form of the $30 million funded Premier Festival Mondial des Arts Negres.
As a cultural enterprise enhancement for general economic development, R.S. Pritchard authors the proposal for the First World Festival of Negro Arts, Dakar, Senegal which was implemented in 1966 by the Government of Senegal and UNESCO.
The Panamerican Association is established in New York City and Washington, D.C. as the precursor to the Panamerican-Panafrican Association (Pa/Pa) in Washington, D.C.
The Pa/Pa, in cooperation with the American Management Association and Eastern Airlines, organizes a conference on 'The Role of American Industry in Inter-American Cultural Exchange" at the American Institute of Foreign Trade in Phoenix, Arizona. Conference promotes better trade relations between North and South American business interests and developes one of the first programmes in the U.S. to encourage understanding of cultural differences as an asset for greater foreign trade relations. Conference influences reversal of trend to nationalize American businesses in Latin America.
The Pa/Pa serves as Economic Development Advisor to the Haitian Embassy in Washington, D.C. in the promotion of foreign investment in Haiti. Contributes to altering public opinion and official U.S. policy towards Haiti prompting 500 small-to-large American businesses to invest in that country.
The Pa/Pa brokers on behalf of the government of Zambia the purchase of 60 tractor trailers from the Ford Motor Company's trading outlet in New York City. Trucks used for the transport of copper ore to the Port of Dar-Es-Salaam after Prime Minister Ian Smith closes the Southern Rhodesian border prior to the completion of the construction of the Tanzam Railroad. (The Tanzam
Railroad was a joint project between the Chinese, Tanzanian and Zambian governments.)
The Chairman of the Pa/Pa serves as advisor to the Hon. Sam Nujoma (former SWAPO leader and current President of Namibia)
The Chairman of the Pa/Pa serves as advisor to the late Hon. Augustino Neto (the first President of Angola).
The Chairman of the Pa/Pa serves as advisor to former President of Zambia, Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda.
The Pa/Pa sponsors mini-Economic Exchange and International Trade Dinner Symposium at New York City's Park Lane Hotel attended by the Foreign Minister of Zambia, the Hon. Vernon Mwale, his UN Mission entourage, and CEO representatives of the American Management Association.
The Pa/Pa serves as consultant to Agway Corporation, U.S.A. in establishing dairy industry in Nigeria and the purchasing of Nigerian oil.
 The Pa/Pa is among the first American organizations to publicly recommend the lifting of the trade embargo against Cuba. Pa/Pa Chairman Pritchard
accepts invitation to lead a delegation of OAU Ambassadors to the UN sponsored anti-Apartheid conference in Havana.
 The Pa/Pa serves as consultant to the American Saturn Automotive Parts Co. in establishment of automobile ignition parts company in Lagos, Nigeria.
 The Pa/Pa sponsors the Central New York Overseas Conference on International Trade, held in Syracuse New York promoting dialogue between Upstate New York business, banking and industrial sectors, representatives of Foreign Trade Missions in the U.S. and members of the diplomatic community from Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. Among keynote speakers was the Chairman of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation during the Reagan Administration and the Director of the International Economic Policy Section of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
The Pa/Pa organizes Ambassadorial "Good Will" Visits of LDC Diplomats to theCentral New York area and throughout the United States to promote Economic Exchange. Diplomats from Haiti, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia, the Bahamas, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Philippines and the Kingdom of Lesotho participate.
The Pa/Pa serves as consultant to two major Central New York State engineering firms in lobbying for participation in World Bank funded projects in Africa.
The Pa/Pa Initiates development of an innovative long-range project between Nigeria, Haiti and Texas-based oil interests in oil refinery joint venture.
The Pa/Pa serves as consultant in the introduction of a new coffee blending firm from Canada into U.S. markets. Services include:
research of U.S. Food and Drug
*Administration regulations on   Food Imports and FDA labelling requirements;
marketing of new product to American food brokers
negotiations on initial order to major supermarket chain;
new product marketing, advertising,exhibiting and sampling.
Chairman and Vice-President of the Pa/Pa visit China on "Good Will" People-to-People Exchange Programme developing ties in the field of Culture and Sports sponsored by American Airlines. The Pa/Pa Chairman has highly successful discussions with Officials of the Province of Xingjiang in Urumqi and in Shanghai for the development of future economic, educational and
cultural exchange between the U.S. and China.
The Pa/Pa Co-hosts with the Embassy of Lesotho to the U.S. and the Lesotho National Development Corporation, the "Global Linkages: Investment and Development in Lesotho" Conference at the Sheraton-Carlton Hotel, Washington, D.C. to facilitate American engineering and suppliers participation in the $9.2 billion World Bank-financed Lesotho Highlands Water Development Project.
In the framework of the Pa/Pa-sponsored "Good Will" Ambassadorial visits, "Sister City" and Economic Exchange relationships are explored on the basis of the potential for "mutuality-of-benefit" in trade and joint ventures. The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Lesotho to the United States visits Topeka, Kansas and Columbus, Ohio under the aegis of the Pa/Pa's Economic Exchange programme.
The Pa/Pa launches a national pro-Free Trade/pro-NAFTA Public Information/Education campaign to educate the American public on the North American Free Trade Agreement and its supplemental agreements. The Pa/Pa launches public advocacy programme on 13 September in conjunction with a coalition of American NGOs which is designed to counter the campaigns of misinformation and dis-information launched by anti-NAFTA special interest lobbyists, reinforced by the excesses of the American press.
A key element of the pro-Free Trade/pro-NAFTA public advocacy campaign was the Pa/Pa's testimony submitted to the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade, which is included in the published record of the NAFTA hearings (15 and 21 September 1993) on Capitol Hill. The Pa/Pa also becomes a member of the USA-NAFTA Coalition.
The Pa/Pa provides consultancy services and conducts market research to identify and secure available sources of such commodities as Urea, DAP, Grade "A" and "B" Sugar, Rice, Poultry, Wheat, Oil, Gold and Diamonds on behalf of Buyer's in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.
 The Pa/Pa provided consultant services (proposal concept and and World Bank funding introductions) to a Bolivian sugar refinery for development and expansion goals.
In September 1996, in conjunction with a Russian Federation Joint Stock Ownership Company, the Pa/Pa hosts an International Trade Pre-Planning Conference at the West PointUS Military Academy's Thayer Hotel, to promote trade between the Russian Federation and import-export companies throughout the world. The Pre-planning Conference is a precursor to the "Russia/USA  'Mutuality-of-Benefit' Conference on Cultural/Educational/Economic Linkages" scheduled to take place in November 1997. A highlight of the Pre-planning Conference is the presentation by a Joint Venture Investment Programme (JVIP) expert.
The Pa/Pa collaborates with a Diamond Cooperative in Guinea, West Africa, to facilitate direct sales with foreign representatives of diamond trading firms.
On 15 January 1997, the Pa/Pa' NGO Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, presents a paper before the United Nations "International Negotiating Committee for the Elaboration of an International Convention to Combat Desertification," entitled "How to Combat Desertification by Improving the Fertility of the Soil and Promoting the Recovery of Organic Waste Through Earthworm Technology." Current negotiations are underway for the implementation of Earthworm Technology in a number of African countires.
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*NITIGE is an acronym for New International Trade Imperatives
for a Global Economy
*Economic Exchange Permanent Programme Unit of the
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