Pa/Pa Student-Exchange
Marina Kashanina from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, is on a work exchange programme in Alexandria, Virginia.
Alexey Kryutchenko, from Moscow, Russia, is bei nng sponsored by the Pa/Pa during his  Summer visit to the United States.
The Pa/Pa`s Student Exchange Programme has for many years assisted foreign students to pursue educational exchange experiences in the United States. This year, the Pa/Pa is proud to sponsor two students from Russia who look forward to pursuing studies in the United States beginning in 2005.
Alexey Kryutchenko, a Moscow resident, is a Master Degree student at Lomonosv  Moscow State University in the field of Economic and Social Geography of Foreign Countries. He has presented papers on the British automotive industry, the international aluminum industry as well as the oil and gas industry of Norway. With one year remaining to receive his Masters Degree, Mr. Kryutchenko plans to continue his studies towards a MBA degree in Industrial Management.
Marina Kashanina is a third year student at Nizhniy Novgorod Lobochevsky State University with a major in international law. She is also student at Nizhniy Novgorod State Linguistic University where she is specializing in French and English translation. web site Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.