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One of the centerpieces of the Panamerican-Panafrican Associations` programmes is the Cultural and Educational Exchange Permanent Programme Unit, which has, for several decades sponsored performing and creative artists; intellectuals, performance groups and students.
From 1988 to 1989, Dr. Pritchard had the honour to serve as Artist-in-Residence at Lincoln University, the nation`s oldest historical black college in Lincoln, Pennsylvania. During his tenure, Dr. Pritchard organized a Black History Month Gala concert in Memory of Composer Undine Moore, which presented her work, “Scenes from the Life of a Martyr,” for chorus, soloists, narrator and Symphony Orchestra. Noted actor Roscoe Lee Brown performed as narrator. The concert also featured such notable soloists as Robert McFerrin (the first African-American bass-baritone to perform at the Metropolitan Opera), Soprano Linda Elliot, Mezzo Soprano Doris Mayes and Tenor Gregory Hopkins.
In addition, as Artist-in-Residence at Lincoln University,  Dr. Pritchard organized the “Homecoming and Rededication Day Concert. The artists included Soprano Afrika Hayes (daughter of the legendary American Tenor Roland Hayes); Mezzo Soprano Elvira Green (of the Metropolitan Opera); Tenor Gregory Hopkins (known as the “Black Pavorotti”); Bass-Baritone James Pierce, and pianist and coach Sylvia Olden Lee (first Black Coach of the Metropolitan Opera). Dr. Pritchard also performed his “four hand/one piano” work with Henri-Georges Polgar (the Panamerican-Panafrican Association Executive Director and former piano student of Dr. Pritchard), entitled “Eulogy and Elegy for Clyde Kennard,” which was narrated by famed TV and movie actor, Roscoe Lee Brown.
(From L to R) Metropolitan Opera Coach, Sylvia Olden Lee; the late Composer Undine Smith Moore; Soprano Afrika Hayes Lamb (daughter of famed concert tenor, Roland Hayes) and Lincoln University President, Niara Sudarkasa., stand before a portrait of pianist Robert Starling Pritchard, painted by famous portraitist Tomaso.
Lincoln University President, Niara Sudarkasa and Concert Pianist, Composer, Robert Starling Pritchard
TV and Movie personality, Roscoe Lee Brown, following his and Dr. Pritchard's performance of "Eulogy and Elegy for Clyde Kennard," composed by Dr. Pritchard.
Pianist and former student of Dr. Pritchard, HenriGeorges Polgar,with Dr. Robert Pritchard, performing  Dr. Pritchard's composition, "Eulogy and Elegy for Clyde Kennard."
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