Shina Inc., a new affiliate of the Pa/Pa, Inc. held its uplifting annual fundraising event, combining both entertainment and education (in a word, EDUTAINMENT) on the 17th of July 2004 at La Fontaine Bleu in Lanham, Maryland. Shine with SHINA, a Black tie event, called on its members and guests to  Empower others to empower themselves by supporting such important programs as:
1. Jubilee Center Inc. Washington, D.C, which provides a Music Program to
         children of low income families.
2. Da`Bunch of College Park, Maryland which promotes health and wellness
        by providing dance practice, sports expo, nutrition information and ways to
        use the body for creative expression and movement.
3. Relief for the destitute children in Uganda and the Caribbean and,
4. The Mother/Child Legal Rights Program in Tanzania and Cameroon.
The evening festivities were launched with the electrifying performance of the Thunderous Lions of Zululand (directly from South Africa), which actually evoked the heart-beat of Africa in every movement and voice of its talented dancers. Tirelessly, the performers swept the audience off their feet with their energetic and inspired dance routines.
(Photo Above) The Thunderous Lions of Zululand from South Africa. (Photo Right) Jessica Kamala-Mushala, President of Shina welcomes the guests to the Shine with Shina event.
The educational component of the evening was combined with an entertaining parade of fashions representing each region of Africa, from East to West, from North to South. The wide array of fabrics and designs highlighted the fact that Africa is not a homogeneous continent, but one that represents many cultures and customs. A contemporary use of African fabrics was demonstrated by the stunning designs by the Pa/Pa`s couturiere-in-residence, Samantha Doak.
The line-up of various dignitaries and speakers for the evening  included:
Dr. Robert Starling Pritchard, the founder of the Black History Month
The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Culture,
         Tanzania, Ms. Mwatumu Malale.
Rennette Dallas of Dallas Enterprises
About SHINA:
SHINA Inc. is proud to be under the very capable leadership of Jessica Kamala-Mushala, its president, with the very committed support of its board of Directors. Its mission is to empower women and youth by addressing specific areas of need in social, cultural, educational and economic development.
The vision is encapsulated within the acronym SHINA: To Send Hope Inspire and Nourish by utilizing Accumulated knowledge and skills.
1. Is a diverse, universal multicultural organization reaching out to touch all races with needs to empower them.
2. Works predominantly at community level and collaborates with grassroots organization in rural areas that tend to be overlooked due to the high concentration of donors in urban areas.
3. Strives to accomplish its mission to raise the quality of life in the community and encourage the beneficiaries towards self-reliance to boost their self-esteem and economic base.
4. Has a unique approach to the n check and balance system to ascertain accountability, integrity and viability of the sponsored projects.  
We encourage visits to their website ( and to their offices - 6495 New Hampshire Avenue, suite # 250, Hyattsville, Maryland 20783 * Telephone: (301) 270-8501, Fax: (301) 270-8502). Donors are welcome to visit field projects throughout the world.
(Photo Above) Belinda Jobe, Shina's Director of Community Outreach, poses with the Pa/Pa's Chairman. (Photo Right) Dr. Pritchard addresses the dinner guests reviewing the evolution of the Black History Month Observance.
Mr. Henri Polgar, Executive Director of the Pa/Pa, introduces Dr. Pritchard, recalling Dr. Pritchard's history with the African Liberation Movement.
(Photo Left) Joyce Mnkande, Vice President for Public Relations,commented on the multi-cultural character of Shina Inc. (Photo  Right) A stunning model, Nassima Neighbors displaying a wrap-around design using African fabrics. (Photo Below) Pa/Pa Couturiere-in-Residence Samantha Doak, models one of her designs accompanied by Tanya Wilson (PaPa Affiliate and Educator).
(Photo Above)Pa/Pa's Artist-in-Residence, Kevin John Powell, congratulates Samantha Doak, on her fashion designs.
Dancers from Da`Bunch of College Park, Maryland typify the positive programs that are sponsored by Shina, Inc. web site Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.